There is no doubt that Australia is a very attractive study destination for clients from all over the world. And it is not just the quality of the Australian education sector that captivates the clients but also the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that comes along with it☺! 

Australia offers variety of courses from specialised English courses and vocational diplomas to University studies. There is lots to choose from! So how do you decide what is right for you?

Over the years, we have developed processes that work best for our clients:

1. We will organise our first meeting

We will take time to understand your motivation and what is important for you to achieve while in Australia. This will vary from client to client so it is important that you are very open about your goal. During this meeting, we will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different locations in Australia and talk about various study options.

2. We can help you to choose your college or University

Based on the location of your choice and your field of studies, we will email you the list of recommended providers that will best suit your needs. We are always open to any suggestions (eg. you may have different recommendations from your friends) and are able to accommodate all your needs. We will also review your current qualification and work experience to make sure you will meet the entry requirement for your selected course.

3. We'll help you with the course application

Based on your selected course, we will advise you on the list of entry requirements and the list of documents needed to successfully apply for your nominated course. We will also process the enrolment for you and will organise letter of offer and confirmation of enrolment from your college/University. This is an important document for your visa application.

4. Visa application process

This is the most crucial process on your journey to Australia. Based on your country of origin, we will ask you for the list of the documents needed for your visa. Based on the information provided, we will draft your GTE Statement (Genuine Temporary Entrant statement) that clarifies your study intentions in Australia. This is the most important document in your visa application as this statement will largely determine the outcome of your visa. 

5. Your arrival to Australia

Once your visa is granted, you are free to come to Australia☺! The moment you arrive, we will be in touch to assist you with the following:

  • Check if you have arrived safely and have a place to stay
  • Help you to open up bank account (no fees)
  • Assist you with Tax File number application so you can work
  • Activate your health insurance policy
  • Provide you with valuable information about life in Australia (eg. How to apply for job, where to shop, how to get driver licence etc)
  • Continuous online support while you are in Australia!

And the best part of this? Since the education providers are happy to pay for our work with you, our services for you are completely free of charge!

Option No. 1

English courses

Studying an English course in Australia is an experience of a lifetime. Not only you will be provided with exceptional teachers and learning environments, but you will also make friends from all over the world. Australian providers can offer a variety of courses with different difficulty levels as well as types – such as General English courses, IETLS and Cambridge preparation course, Business English or Academic English. Generally we will ask your chosen college to provide you with free English test that will determine your level of English and based on that, we recommend the appropriate course that will be in line with what you want to achieve..

Option No. 2

Vocational Courses

Vocational courses are very popular in Australia for their hands on approach, flexible timetables and reasonable prices. These courses generally structured through certificate II, III and IV followed by Diploma and Advanced diploma courses. These courses can be combined based on your preferred study plan with a duration between 3 months and 4 years. Apart from high standard education, the great advantage of these courses are their flexible 3 month payment plans – so you pay as you progress with your course. There is huge variety of courses to choose from such as business, information technology, tourism, sport and fitness, carpentry or child care. Contact us with your enquiry and we can email you the list of courses and providers we work with!

Option No. 3

University Courses

University courses in Australia are very highly regarded among the potential employers all over the world. Australian Universities provide a great learning environment combined with a safe and friendly atmosphere for all participants. Whether you have already completed your degree back home or you are starting fresh – there is always an opportunity to up-skill yourself in your field of expertise. Entry requirements for each University and courses will vary in terms of required previous qualification or English level. So whether it is Bachelor degree, Graduate Diploma of Master Degree, we are happy to guide you for the right study option. The great advantage of studying University courses in Australia is the opportunity to potentially apply for a 485 visa (Post study work rights visa) which will provide you with 2 to 4 years unlimited work visa in Australia after your University graduation!